I Went to Naked Therapy

Really lovely review from Sean J Patrick Carney, who did Naked Therapy with me!

Ready it here:

Here’s a little quote:

At 2:00 PM, I logged onto Skype. White was online and sent me a message asking if I was ready. Taking a deep breath, I sat down and replied, “Sure,” and a moment later she called me. I answered pretty awkwardly, and she was sitting on her couch dressed quite impeccably as we exchanged pleasantries. I don’t find public speaking nerve-wracking in the slightest, and although I’m kind of an anxious person, I usually don’t feel like I come across as such when I’m speaking with people. But I was stuttering and mumbling and having a difficult time acting normal and I finally blurted out, “I’m seriously sorry; I am really, really nervous right now.” White asked why, and as she uncrossed and crossed her legs, an avalanche of what sounded to me like nonsense came pouring out of my mouth. During this weird rant I’d suddenly begun after being completely unable to speak moments before, she shifted subtly on the couch every so often, and it was easy to see that she knew exactly what her body was doing and exactly how I’d respond to the visuals. It was kind of weird, but completely arousing.