On My Future

In correlation with the recent article in Bullet Media, I’d like to share with you how my work has developed over the last four years, and where it’s going. Also, to put any doubts aside, I’d like to clarify that I am continuing my Naked Therapy practice, and I believe more than ever in Naked Therapy’s positive effects and ability to help people.

I started Naked Therapy in October 2010 with the desire to offer an alternative therapeutic model that used arousal to engage men and help them achieve powerful personal insights. I have met with over 1,000 clients via webcam for NT sessions, and I have learned a great deal about men and helped many to lead more powerful, enriching lives. I am committed to continuing my on-line therapeutic practice and plan to publish two books in the next year: The Arousal Plan, explaining the use of the power of arousal to realize one’s goals; and Naked Therapy – The Book, presenting experiences and findings from these first years of my Naked Therapy practice.

After a year of offering Naked Therapy, I looked into the possibility of pursuing a therapy license. What I discovered was shocking. I was told by a number of schools and psychology professionals that continuing to practice Naked Therapy would make it impossible for me to be accepted to a graduate school and to be given my counseling license — what I do violates the Code of Ethics that governs the field. In short, there was no licensable professional future for me as a Naked Therapist.

This realization led me to soul-searching about what I wanted to do as the Naked Therapist in particular and with my life in general. I’ve decided to explore who I am and pursue my interests through an artistic field, building on my past activities as a dancer and photographer. I see my work as a therapist and an artist as intertwined. This has been controversial at times, as when I was accepted and then rejected from the West Chelsea Artists Open Studios due to the director believing my work was an “ad” and not “art.” You can read more about that here: http://thenakedtherapist.org

For the past year I’ve been in graduate school, studying sexual repression/expression and artistic representation/censoring, among other things. I look forward to sharing more of that with you.

As I say, I remain committed to Naked Therapy. I’m still Sarah, and I’m still available for NT sessions. If you want to contact me, I look forward to meeting and talking with you!