Naked Therapy

In 2010, Sarah White opened her groundbreaking Naked Therapy practice. You can read about and visit her practice by going to

Naked Therapy is an experience that combines elements from positive and person-centered talk therapy, experiential therapy, and creative play therapy, with the added component of the client and/or therapist getting naked to facilitate more honest and unique insights through the experience of arousal. In each Naked Therapy session, I seek to provide my clients with a comfortable, accepting, even fun environment wherein they can develop a sense of self that is empowering, an awareness of their feelings that is freeing, and an understanding of the conflicts that are holding them back from realizing their full potential. Just as dreams unlock the powers of the unconscious, arousal – which can be emotional, physical or intellectual – unlocks the powers of the hyper-conscious. I look forward to exploring with you! – Sarah White, NT

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