What Men Tell Me

What Men Tell Me (Naked) is due to be published in 2015. If you wish to be notified of its publication, sign up for my SWL Newsletter to the right.

Below is a summary of the book:

What Men Tell Me (Naked)

by Sarah White

My name is Sarah White, I am the founder and sole global practitioner of Naked Therapy, a form of talk therapy in which I and/or the patient become naked, and I am pleased to announce that I have discovered the Male Truth Serum. For years others have been trying to plumb the depths behind the tough male facade in order to find the genuine, the authentic, the true feelings of the male beast. Men and women, doctors and cheaters, therapists and comedians have all put forth introspective theories and empirical findings based on experiences, insights, interviews and studies. All are laudable in their efforts, and many of them hit on certain truths, but all are incomplete because none had the Serum necessary to actually get to the core of the male system…none got to the source…none really ever encountered the essence of man…so none was able to say definitively what was going on inside men. Until now.

I call the Serum I have discovered “Arousal.” Though it sounds like a brand of cologne, it is in fact a key element in the chemical and psychological make-up of every man (and woman). Indeed, I might call it THE key element. For as I can attest after conducting 100′s upon 100′s of Naked Therapy sessions with my male clients, Arousal is the lens through which men view the world, the fuel by which they make it through their day, the feeling that gives them meaning. Men know themselves through Arousal, and by providing them with an opportunity in a therapeutic setting to divulge their thoughts, feelings, fears, desires and concerns while ALSO experiencing Arousal (something no therapist has ever done before), I have discovered their secrets, I have met their true selves, I have plumbed to the very depths of their natures, and I have emerged with some very strong…and I hope revolutionary…ideas on what’s going on with men.

What Men Tell Me (Naked) will share it all with you. I’ll give you intimate details of what over 60 of my clients have told me about their feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams, hang-ups, gripes, loves, obsessions, and fantasies – all of it mostly centering on sex, women, dating, romance, family, work, and various other passions that fill men’s lives and minds.