Online Therapy…Naked? Post-Mortem

Just had an article published on about my appearance on the SXSW panel hosted by Dr. John Grohol called “Online Therapy…Naked?” in Austin last week. In it I share my thoughts about the ethics of online and naked therapy, field some of co-panelists’ concerns, and muse on what the future of virtual therapy might be. You can read it here.


  1. Dear Sarah,

    I’m Imam from jakarta (Indonesia), how do I sign up online theraphy? I’d love to join you become a member of theraphy.


  2. I wonder if your panelist sceptic(s) would meet with you via Skype? It might be more productive than dueling blog entries.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I’m David from Jakarta. How would I become a member of naked therapy ? Can I do the therapy online ?

  4. Good point, E!

  5. It will be interesting to see how, several years from now when the volume of clinical data is larger, the therapy compares with other forms. My general sense is that psychotherapy in the traditional sense (Freud and Adler) is more or less dead, smothered by the move of psychiatry into neuroscience and the collapse of psychology into the most mechanical sort of behaviorism.

    I see the logic; the question is whether it offers significantly better results for some patients. Only time will tell.

    On the “license” issue, there are a number of professions where individuals are, in fact, called upon to engage in therapy without a formal degree. Teaching, for example. The APA would like to claim ownership over what is largely an art, not a science, by affecting to be scientists.

    Speaking of which, have you finished your dissertation yet, young lady?

  6. So true, BS (or, as it were, such true BS!)…I have not finished my dissertation and don’t think I will…I’ve got another idea germinating now, and it will launch here in a couple months…so sign up for the email list and stay tuned! O, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!