New Daily Sarah Emails: Get E-roused with Free Photos, Thoughts and Private Chat

Welcome to my E-rousal Therapy Email List sign-up page.
*Update: The first phase of this newsletter was sent out from September to December, 2012. Further options to sign up for this newsletter will be announced via newsletter. Please enter your email below to be notified!

I believe that for anyone to fully realize themselves, they need to be in touch with their arousal on a regular basis. To help you get there, I’m pleased to announce my new E-rousal Therapy service, where you can receive emails from me that contain an arousing thought and/or photo of me. Also, you can email me back with your ideas, needs and concerns – anything you want! – and I’ll promptly, personally, and privately respond, so as you go through your day, I’m always with you, in both image and word. A sweet little something, just between us, to help you feel the arousal you need to get ahead.

So if paying for Naked Therapy sessions is outside your budget or too difficult to arrange with your schedule, this doesn’t mean you can’t have some private Sarah time. Use my E-rousal Therapy system to get turned on, feel inspired, and share your private thoughts with me, and in return you’ll get a personal, arousing response that will lift your spirits, empower your desires, and propel you confident through your day. After all, a little Sarah can go a long way.  :-)

Let’s get aroused together!


Sarah White


  1. leaving something to the imagination…..

  2. Surely Sarah,you are in every way doing it right for me,just don’t know how can pay a visit for your therapy.Meanwhile I would appreciate your photos to get me more aroused… are beautiful to be precise and talented.

  3. I am interested in chat with you

  4. u r really a dream goddess

  5. u r beautiful

  6. nice

  7. Ummm yes!!!!

  8. These are fantastic! Everyone should be receiving them. They make the world a better place.

  9. black and white. I am a fine artist who does the female model. great positions. the twist of the torso.

    black on white. would make a great charcoal sketch.

  10. Hi Sarah,
    came across you totally accidentally/serendipitously(of course!)…Just read your ‘Naked Therapy’ script- so, so, so exciting to read this! So rich, such a relief that someone has the intention, the mind, the presence and then makes it her job to come and meet all this (‘stuff in the male being’-for want of a better description…) So, thank you! I will start saving for my session with you immediately, you are the third invitation to explore nakedness (ie, potentially my own in a particular/specific context) in the last 24 hours so I am becoming very alive to this.
    As an artist/therapist myself I work with nakedness but am realising that there is so much to look at through arousal, thank you for you exquisite insights on this.
    In the meantime a wave of love and a big warm hug to you for touching my mind and my soul today.

  11. June 12 and no sign of the newsletter yet. Is this project still in the works, or something that you’ve dropped?

  12. Hi Galen,

    Yes, it is in the works! I have been working on the Arousal Diet recently. But this is set to be re-released October 1st. Thanks for asking!