Hello in 2017

Hi Friends! Just wanted to say a quick hello from here! I am indeed still doing Naked Therapy (and it’s such an important thing to have as an option for men!) but as I’m completing my first year with my music project, ONA, I’ve started to look back on WHY I moved into music. Here are my thoughts. First, not everyone can afford Naked Therapy, and with my music and the related nude website, it’s all free or super affordable. Second, therapy is very private, and I like that music is more public and shareable amongst friends. Finally, while I love the therapy niche, I feel that the core elements of Naked Therapy – pro-arousal, pro-sex, pro-fun – is a much larger societal message, and I’m hoping that thru my music I can share this perspective in new ways and to a wider group of people. As always, thank you so much for joining me on this journey, I am so honored!